Wedding Day Hairstyle Ideas

Wedding day hairstyles play an important role in the way the bridal party looks on the momentous day. It is the elegant touch that can make everyone look stunning and confident. Choosing a gorgeous hair style which blends correctly with your bridal gown will make a lasting impression on the crowd who has gathered to grace the special occasion. So, with that in mind, carefully choose from the many potential wedding day hairstyles.

To start off you can have a look at the myriad of wedding day hairstyles displayed on numerous web pages online or browse through magazines. This will give you a good idea of the different styles that are considered trendy today. To narrow down on the styles that will suit you the best look for models that have similar facial features as you. You will also need to picture how the particular hair style will look with the wedding dress you have selected. Hair styles can accentuate the beauty of a dress and also somewhat hide its accents. So you need to consider the length and volume of the hairstyle in relation to the dress. You will also need to consider how formal or informal your outfit is looking and choose a hairstyle which goes along with the mood.

If you are planning to wear a tiara or a long flowing veil then that too will affect the choice of wedding hair styles. Certain hair styles will look quite stunning with a veil, while certain ones are more suitable with the tiara. You also want to think about other accessories worn in the hair such as clips and flowers which may be suitable with a particular hair do.

Wedding day hairstyles have names like the Princess hairstyle, Angel and Empress Hairstyles, and so on. The Princess hairstyle is quite popular with young brides. It’s where the hair is totally pulled back from the face and is left flowing down the back in waves. The part is either in the center or off to the side. These are wedding hair styles for long hair or for women with medium length locks. The style looks good with a tiara or a veil as well.

The very elegant Empress Hair styles will make you look like a goddess or a Roman queen. Here the hair is styled in tight curls or tightly pulled back and piled on top with curls. This gives an aristocratic look.

Whatever wedding day hairstyles you choose make sure to consult a professional hairdresser first and take their advice and expertise into consideration. Hairdressers will know how well your hair will take to a particular style and they can also tell you how long the hairdo will last. Wedding hairstyles have to be easily manageable and last the entire length of the festivities. If you are not satisfied with your hairdresser, change to one who specializes in wedding hairstyles and is quite well known among the local hairdressers.

Favourite Wedding Ideas – Wedding Plans Which Guarantee You A Vow Of “I Do” Instead Of “I Don’t”

Why dream of the perfect wedding when all you need to do is to say to yourself “I the bride to be shall have the perfect wedding come hell or high water. That’s the spirit girl don’t let anything stand in your way from creating the wedding you dream of. No doubt you have heard it all before but being prepared for any last minute hiccups that could arise from whatever wedding plans you have dreamt of will guarantee your wedding to run smooth.

The wedding to do list can be time consuming but rushing can prove to be costly, not only for your pocket but your health too.

Things like ordering the wedding rings, bridal gown and that of booking the chapel marriage service can be very stressful if you allow it. Take each step at a time, juggling too many tasks at once can have you forget or overload the brain till it functions no more. You need to sit down with your betrothed and share ideas on what you both would like for your wedding. Particular ideas nominated by each other can be eliminated if inappropriate to save money. Lavish weddings can incur debt before carried over the threshold. Grandeur does not make a wedding any better than the next; it is how the whole entity is planned. For instance, if you invite lively fun people who love to dance, then your wedding now becomes more fabulous than the ceremony of grandeur with boring people listening to sombre tunes.

Issues which create the perfect wedding need to be prioritized. Centrepiece, hairstyle and wedding vows.

Your dream of having the perfect wedding can go belly up if little things you feel not important are overlooked at that particular time only to find out how necessary they really are. One is the table centrepiece, a beautiful embellishment that is extremely vital. Classical yet simple wedding centrepieces tend to evolve round flowers and ornaments. Fresh flowers of sweet fragrance fill the air with glorious scent. Silk blooms can be dabbed with aromatherapy oils. Silk flowers can be kept in remembrance of the day. Fresh blossoms can be dried and also kept as a keepsake in your wedding photo album. Remember flowers are seasonal and therefore your choice may have to be shipped in from abroad.


Other perfect wedding centrepieces are silver candelabras. Floating candles with flower petals in a glass bowl is cost affective and simple to apply. Depending on location of the marriage
centrepieces will differ. If the ceremony takes place in the garden then a nature theme is more fitting to the occasion. Easy to create miniature birdhouses and flower baskets are very affective pieces of beauty. Wedding centrepieces can include juicy fruit – just as sweet smelling as flowers but you get to eat the fruit after and healthier too.


Bear in mind when making your mind up on how the hair is to be worn is, what suits others may not be the right style for you. Practice makes perfect, try out different hairstyles in the mirror. This will give insight as to whether the hair goes up or stays down. Having the wedding dress easily to hand will make hairstyle selection easier. If the bridal gown is of an off shoulder design then consider wearing your hair down, if the bridal gown has a high neck Victorian type collar then wear the hair up to ooze elegance.

The shape of your face can help determine the right hairstyle. Short hair can be lengthened with hair extensions. Find a stylist and explain what you would like, being a professional the stylist can give advice on what he/she through experience knows of what is best.

Stunning hairstyles are the French twist or plaited braids creatively decorated with woven pearls or jewelled trinkets, rosebuds, feathers and bows .To help emanate romance let the tresses flow. Extensions can give the perfect hairstyle. Make arrangements with the hairdresser to have a practice run it may cost but it will be worthwhile. Bring along your tiara, Juliet cap or wedding veil for the hairdresser to fit at the same time.

Wedding Vows

Why pay for wedding words when you can save a packet by writing your own. Special words come with special meanings and if the person you are ready to marry is special, then who other than you yourself to mix those words with sentiment straight from the heart.

Pre-written wedding vows by a person not known can never express into words what it is you really want to say? Ask a friend to help you with personalizing your wedding vows.

Wedding vows simply explained is where you pledge your undying love till death do us part. This is a special part of all wedding ceremonies where the bride and groom get to say how much they love each other (god forbid if they had a tiff earlier)

Unique ideas denote originality.

1 Why not break with tradition and have the groom walk down the aisle to you or both together – you have to admit it is certainly different.

2 Ask your guests to make a small donation to charity to help those less fortunate than that of receiving a wedding favor.

3 A unique idea that your guests will love. Have a best dressed competition. Print this on the invitation, this will encourage everyone to go out of their way to look great, hence you have a wedding full of well dressed people. Not everyone can be a winner (but you are) because of uniqueness. Have the guests enter the wedding venue via a red carpet. This the guests will never forget while busy telling everyone of their star treatment they were given. So before long the whole world will know how you created the perfect wedding.